IPerVoice Timing Restrictions Apply

If a Door is not releasing to a known correctly programmed fob and the the reason is displayed as timing restriction apply.

Login into the IPerVoice Frontend

Navigate to the IP Modules and find the IP module which the door is connected to 

Ensure Forbid Access with Tamper Alarm Active is not selected

Then Try to Reload config wait 5 minutes the click on Reboot

If this does not clear the issue the you will need to find the installed location of the IP Module and do a full power down and restart.

This will reset the door controller and load a fresh configuration file.

Also a upgrade to the latest firmware is recommend please see the solution on how to upgrade a PIO a 1039/501 IPerVoice Door Controller, see link below

How to upgrade a 1039/501 IPerVoice Door Controller

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