How do I stop my reader beeping and LED flashing constantly

If you have or are, currently installing an iPassan system and your reader is constantly beeping with a red flashing LED, the reader may need to be calibrated.

When your reader is mounted in its final position you will need to open your iPassan Manager software (Cloud or stand alone)

Once you are logged in and connected to the site (You can verify if you are connected by the icons on the right hand side of the screen 


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Then click the ‘Equipment and settings’ icon

Select ‘Readers’ which will open up a list of readers programmed on your system

Click the reader you wish to calibrate, in this example I am selecting ‘Controller 0001 – Door 1’

Then in the centre of the screen tick the box ‘Intrusion management’

You now have more options that drop down. Click ‘Calibrate reader position’

You will now receive a pop out window advising that the calibration is complete

Click OK and you are finished. 

Repeat procedure for any further readers that require calibration

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