How to send a text message on a Max Lite touchscreen monitor

To send a text message to another 1717/4x Video Door Phone:

  • Access the main page of the Video Door Phone application
  • Tap the icon . If no chat has been activated yet, the following window opens:

  • Tap the message entry field to type your new message. Once you have finished typing, tap the SEND button.
  • Tap the iconto select message recipients. You can only send messages to contacts in your address book that have been added manually, or other Video Door Phone s that are present in the same apartment.
  • Tap the SEND button to send the message. A notification will be displayed on the Video Door Phone to which the chat message was sent.

If you had already started chats, you can directly select in the left-hand box the recipients to whom your message will be sent.

You can also send messages from the address book. To do this:

  • Tap the iconnext to the recipient (this icon is only displayed for manually added contacts or for Video Door Phones in the same apartment). A message window opens where messages previously sent to that recipient are shown, complete with date and time of sending.
  • Tap the message entry field to type your new message. At the end, tap the button SEND in the white box to send the message.

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