How to make an intercom call on a Max Lite touchscreen monitor

To make an intercom call with another 1717/4x Video Door Phone:

  • Access the main page of the Video Door Phone applitcation.
  • Tap the 

The address book opens, it contains:

  • The contacts uploaded by the installer identified by the word System 
  • The contacts added later by the user (directly from a Max video door phone)
  • Video door phones present in the same apartment

You can only call the contacts in your address book

To call a contact tap the located next to it. The following window will display

and the contact is called.

  • If the called contact answers the call, basic voice communication is activated
  • If the called contact does not answer the call, the call is automatically terminated. You can terminate a call by tapping the icon 
  • To send a text message to a contact with the corresponding icon

This icon only appears if the contact is a single video door phone

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