Impossible to connect to encoder error message on Easydoor

If you have the following displayed in the bottom left hand corner of your browser when you open

Followed by

Then follow the link

Then Right click the file & select

This may resolve your issue, however if you still can not connect, check that your newly installed service is running

If it is running and you still can not connect: -

  1. Check that no other software is using the encoder or the USB port ( turn ON the computer and only run in a browser)
  2. Try the same test with another browser 


Confirm if when you disconnect & reconnect the encoder :

  1. The LED is turning Green and It sounds a short BIP
  2. Then the LED turns Red constantly

If you don’t get both, then :

  1. Try another USB terminal on the computer (if a desktop PC is used the preferred USB is on the mother board, not on the front USB ports)
  2. Try a different USB cable

If you are still having connection problems, please email with these test results and we can advise further.

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