How to install the CallMe App

Download the Call Me app from either the Playstore or Apple App Store

Run the App

Create an account, you will need to use a valid email address and a password in the correct format.

On creation of an account an email will be sent to verify your email address. If you don't receive this email please check in your spam folder.

Click on the link in the email and accept the terms and conditions.

If you don't verify the email then the App will not work.

Your account should now be active.

Open the app and log in.

Once logged in you will need to find your SIP ID as you will need this to enter on your IP Max touchscreen.

With the app open click on settings. There is a green symbol which confirms that the app has registration to the Urmet Cloud Server. If this is red there is no registration and the app will not work.

Click on Service Management

Click on SIP ID

Make a note of the cfwxxxxxxxxxxxx (cfw+12 digits) number. This is your SIP ID.

Once you have the cfw number please give this to the system administrator or managing agent who will add your unique SIP ID to the site configuration.

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