How to credit a customer's Bluetooth account

To provide more credits to a customer/sites' Bluetooth account, the customer should first have raised an official purchase order with you, as no monetary transaction can happen within the FDI Bluetooth Portal. 

The first step is to log into the Bluetooth FDI Portal, if you cannot remember your login details, please contact

At the top of your screen, there will be an 'Account' drop down, click on this and then click 'Credit'.

Now, a form will appear which you need to fill in. Your balance will appear at the top which you cannot exceed - to purchase more credits, click here.

Enter the account that needs to be credited - this is simply the customers login which is displayed on the home page of the FDI Bluetooth portal. Once this has been entered, the correct account will populate below.

Now, type in the amount of credits you would like to transfer to the customer's account. For a credit to Bluetooth credential 'exchange rate',

Once this has been filled out, click save. Your account will be debited the credits, and the customers' account will be credited - it's that simple.

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