The different types of Bluetooth Credentials

There are 2 types of Bluetooth Credential, these are:

Proximity Only:

The proximity mode work with a range of 20cm, so the phone must be held close to the reader to register. 

This method is however handsfree - meaning that you do not need to press any button on the phone for the reader to register the resident/visitors' presence.

Proximity & Long Range:

Both proximity & long range mode has all of the functionality of the proximity access, but with the added long-range ability. Long range access works up to 15m away from the reader, however action must be taken on the phone to unlock the door due to security concerns. The user must press the door release button on the K App to release the door in long range mode.

To let the user know they are in range of the reader, the door release button on the K App will go from 'grey' to 'blue' - the button is then pressable to unlock the door.

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