IPerVoice Call Module not upgrading

If there is an issue with a IPerVoice Call Module not upgrading or appearing in New Devices when connected to a IPerVoice system there maybe one of two issues

Firstly if the DHCP is Blocked on the server configuration this will not allow the Call Module to obtain an IP address however you can add the Call Module manually please see following link

Secondary there maybe an issue with the network configuration, this will relate to the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and the BootP Protocols

Without BootP the Call Module will not receive the correct files to start the upgrade process.

Please check Spanning Tree is Off and BootP is On

Please ensure the following ports are open:-

IGMPv2 or IGMPv3 Multicast Service must be enabled.

The following ports must be open and not restricted –

TCP ports 2049, 51234, 5060, 50118, 3306, 13451 to 3460, 111, 80, 433, 41365, 22, 918 & 40279.

UDP ports 32768, 2049, 514, 32771, 34956, 917, 34839, 67, 5060, 69, 975, 111, 123.

Multicast must be enabled on and on (all ports).

TCP/UDP ports used for Internet access (if any) TCP:5060,6060 UDP:5060,6060.

Bandwidth per end point (Kbps) 2500 for upload and 10000 for download

A simple test is to connect the Server directly to unmanaged POE switch and connect the Call Module to a POE Port and check the upgrade operation. The Call Module can take upto 15 Minutes to Upgrade and then appear in New Devices.

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