How to identify an Urmet Fob

To fully Identify a Urmet Fob and ensure the right replace is sourced you will need to send us two picture firstly of the Fob secondly of the Door Controller.

Over the years the FOB technology has changed and this was due to ensuring the security of the Access Control is maintained.

Early Fobs were a Teardrop Shape in Black

These Fobs tend to be 125Khz and are replaced by the 1125/50 fob however in the change over period the was a time when the FOB could have been 13.56Mhz these are rar however exist you would need to let know what system you have installed before ordering.

If the Fob is the teardrop Shape and Grey then the replacement is the 1125/50

1125/50 125khz Compatible with Transit, Passan, older Ipervoice Systems 1103/3 1103/2 1148/45 and 1158/45

1356/10 13.56Mhz Compatible with newer IPervoice, IPassan, Passan, EasyDoor 

This will have a 8 Digit Hexadecimal Code


1356/11 13.56Mhz Mifare+ Compatible with IPassan, Transit+ and EasyDoor

This looks very similar to the 1356/10 however there will be a + and the code will be a 14 Digit Hexadecimal Code

 1104/5 Used on older systems this 125khz 433Mhz

1104/7 Used on Newer Systems these are 13.56Mhz Fob Frequency + 886Mhz RF. Please ensure the Button Colour is same as this determines the RF Frequency 

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