How to link Yokis to Alexa and Google Home?

Yokis and Amazon Alexa/Google assistant

System Requirements

Once the system has been installed you will require a Yokis Hub this will allow the Yokis Modules to connect to the internet giving access to voice control functions.

Download YnO app and create your account and password (you will need this later)

For Amazon Alexa Control

Open your Alexa App and search for the Yokis Skill and enable you will need to enter your Username and Password.

You will then need to add you devices this is a scan process if all is entered correctly the App should find all the Yokis Modules and will display the names as you set up in the YnO app.

You can modify for Alexa Use if required.

Your Yokis Devices will now operate with voice control.

For Google Assistant

You will need to find and download the Google Home app

Open your Google Home App and select add new devices

This will scan the local network looking for Compatible device.

Once it has found the Yokis modules you will then have voice control via the Google Assistant App.

Device Name and grouping of the devices can be modified.

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