How to program the Transit+ controller

NOTE: You may need to download and install the Transit+ App if required. This only available to download on Android devices

The app manages two different menus: setup of the controller and management of the keys. 

The setting tab offers possibility to

  • Change the name of the controller. By default, it is the ID but it can be changed to make the detection easier later 
  • Set the door release time of each relay
  • Change the password of the controller. By default, it is 0000. 
  • Load a new firmware 
  • Make a factory reset 

The app manages groups of keys. It is possible to manage several groups for one controller or one group per controller. 

For example, when the controller is already in use and you want to download the data for backup or to add/ delete keys, you need to create a group then download the data from the controller to this group. 

If you only need to add some keys in the controller, it is possible to create a group with these keys and upload to the controller. The controller will add these keys to its white list. 

In this second option, the mobile is not aware of the existing keys on the controller, it only adds the new one.

NOTE: when the Android mobile embeds a NFC reader, keys and remotes can be added in the app by presenting them on the back of the mobile phone. The csn (card serial number) is automatically displayed and enrolled. 

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