The different LED colours mean on the Transit+ controller

Different LEDs on the controller provide a status of the communication, PSU, etc

 • Status of the door relay (green)

 • Status of the reader (red)

 • Status of the controller (red/green) see more below 



Door status

For each door, the green LED is ON when the relay is activated. 

The red LED of a 2-Smart controller flashes once every 3 seconds when the reader communication is ok and flashes 3 times per sec in case of faulty communication (reader not connected)
Controller Status

Two LEDs show the right voltage of the processing unit (green led) and the right performance of the operating mode. 

The green LED must be on. If it is off, check the PSU.

The red LED flashes once per second, if it is off or always on, restart the controller. If, after a re boot, the led is always on or off, the controller has to be replaced. 
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