What are the features and technical specifications of the Transit+ controller?

Transit+ has been designed to manage 2 doors and 5000 keys or remote controls. 

The keys and remote controls are based on Mifare Plus standard and are secured through a 128 bit AES encryption key. 

All the compatible products are the same as the Easy Door or IPassan solutions: readers, receivers, keys and remote controls. 

The settings and management of the users require a free App available on the Android store. 

1. Overview:

This controller manages 5000 credentials which can be proximity keys or remote controls. 

The access is given 24/7, there is no time profile or validity period on this controller. 

1.1 Features: 

  • 2 doors 
  • 5000 credentials 
  • Encrypted 2 wire bus communications 
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) communication with the app 
  • Transfer from both sides (App to controller or controller to app)
  • Upgradable firmware of the controller 

1.2 Technical Specifications:

For more information on the Transit+ Controller, please click here

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