How to restore a back-up to a Castel panel

Castel Panel System backup Guide:


To restore a previous backup, or to create a new backup of your Castel panel settings, firstly change your desktop/laptop’s IP Address settings to the same range as that of the panel e.g, and gateway to if the panel IP is


Plug in your Castel panel, using a Cat 5 lead and attach it to the same Ethernet switch as your PC. 

Open a web browser (Mozilla Firefox/Internet explorer) and type in the IP Address of your panel, the base address will be 192.168.49 with the sip extension being .201 for panel 1



Log in to the Xellip program, username: admin, password: admin


Click on Data, and System backup. You then have the option to save the system parameters or to restore system parameters, simply press the folder icon next to the option you wish to choose. 


Please note when you restore a back up the IP address remains the same.


If you change the call panel IP address, then you must reboot the call panel

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