How do I set a relay on a Xellip desk screen for an incoming call?

Xellip Desk Station Relay for sounder or strobe control on incoming ring


Login into Xellip Desk Screen https:// (ip address of desk station)

User = admin Password = admin

Click on Complete View


Click on Station Name then on Relations. 

This will list the relationships on the Desk Station.

Click the  on Logical Relation

Give the relationship a name ie Relay On

Click the  Conditions List and select Logical condition

Select Call Received then click Add the Condition


Click on Memorize


Click  on Action List

Select action as Force

Click on Add the Action 

Click on Memorize

Click on Save


Click on  on Logical Relations to create a relationship to turn relay off 

Name the Relationship as Relay Off 

Click on and select logical condition

Select Call Procedure and change state to End

Click on Add the condition 

Click on Memorize


Click  on Action List

Select Stop to Force

Click on Add the action 

Click on Memorize

Click on Save

There should be two relationships one for relay on and one for relay off


This will turn the Relay on when the unit starts to ring then Relay off when call answered.

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