How to set a Grandstream GPX1625 for Castel use


Connect device to network switch.

From device screen find its IP address.

Using Firefox or Internet Explorer, enter the device IP address in order to login to it.

Username – admin

Password – you will be prompted to set on first login

The following pages are highlighted with the individual settings that need to be changed.

Each change needs to be “Saved and Applied” as per Tab at bottom of each page.

When all pages are changed, device needs to be rebooted either by disconnection or reconnection or selected “Reboot” tab on screen.

When device has rebooted it should show its new IP address and can then be tested via a call from a Test Panel.

Disable all Unused accounts

Ensure NAT Traversal is Keep-Alive

TEL URL set to User-Phone

Send DTMF should include all options

Set Network to your own requirement these are only sample settings

You will only get SIP Registration if there is a SIP Server on the network that you have set the device to look for registration.

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