How to upgrade a Castel Xellip 2 intercom

Product: X2-XE-VIDEO Intercom Station 

The station’s firmware is upgraded via the Maintenance, Update pages

  • Be safe, backup configuration prior to firmware upgrade

Drag & Drop file from the PC, to upload to the devise: (gip2_1.5.4_20190807_07h34.sw)


  • Note the upgrade will take 30 minutes, please be patient.
  • DO NOT power down the station.
  • Always upgrade a stations firmware via a local IP-switch, NOT over the live network.
  • If network drops mid upgrade, this can KILL the station, you have been WARNED!




When finished, the station will reboot.

  • Note this can take a couple minutes

Log back in to the station, you are now running the current firmware

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