How to manage keys using remote management for the Easy Door controller

Managing keys on the Easy Door controller using remote management allows you to manage up to 50 doors per site, and up to 2000 keys (this is the sum of the authorised and unauthorised keys, as when you remove a key it stays in the black list of the controller).

Up to 20,000 events over the last 30 days are recorded in the control units. Offline events can be transferred to the computer through special keys. 

Please visit to remotely set up the controllers and download events through the web software.

NOTE: It is advised to always use Windows Internet Explorer to ensure smooth compatibility with Java for the encoder/software communication. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox should NOT be used.

The Key management works on read/write technology. Keys are programmed remotely at the office through a web software and an encoder.

Later, when the keys are presented to the reader, the data is recorded in the control unit.

How does this work?Each controller is provided with a controller number. 

  • When you add a new controller into the software, you enter the controller number. 
  • Then to allow a key to access the door, the software encodes the controller number of the authorised door into each key (each new key contains the last modifications of the database).
  • The controllers are automatically updated when those keys are presented to the reader. 

Please see the example below for further clarification:

Problem: a key is lost 

Step 1: The administrator first deletes that key in the web software. 

Step 2: Then he creates a new key, encodes it and sends it to the end user.

Step 3: When the end user uses his new key for the first time, the lost key is deleted and will not be allowed access. 


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