What is the Easy Door controller?

The Easy Door controller is a single door controller that utilises 'Read & Write' technology. It is designed for small residential applications and does not require many electrical connections making it very simple to install.

It's small dimensions mean that it can be inserted into a range of Urmet Door Entry Panels.  

The Easy Door controller uses a virtual network, combining the advantages of both standalone and network systems. Because of this, you don’t need to connect every controller to a single network in order to manage access either remotely or on site.

The Easy Door controller offers two management modes, local mode and remote management mode.

Local Mode: 

With the local mode, the installer only needs to create a master key to add keys. Up to 10 master keys can be added by moving a switch to programming mode. It then becomes easy to add access keys from the reader. 

Remote Management Mode:

The remote management mode requires an encoder connected to a computer and access to the internet to use the web software found at easydoorcontroller.com.

The remote management mode provides the ability to manage up to 50 doors per site without the need of a cable between each controller at each door. 

The access authorisations are written in the keys through the computer and the encoder and are transferred to the controllers when the keys are presented to the reader for the first time. 

NOTE: both modes could work at the same time, for example, a controller is initialised in local mode, but later, it is simple to switch to remote management mode if the keys are encoded through the software.

Please see the table below for the technical features of the Easy Door Controller:

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