What are the different voltages for a Digivoice system?

See here the different voltages for terminals in the Digivoice system.

   Part number
1038/20 power supply
  0V - + V  
24V DC
1038/34-35 Decoder
0V - + V
24V DC
1038/5-13-16 entry panel
0V - + V
24V DC

0V - D (DU, DE)  

1038/20 power supply          24V DC

1038/34-35 Decoder

1038/5-13-16 entry panel

0F - +F

1038/20 power supply         33V DC

1038/5-13-16 entry panel

FA - FB (FA1 – FB1)                 

1038/34-35 Decoder           25V DC after a call1038/5-13-16 entry panel 13V DC after handset lifted

R1 - R2 1742/20

Power supply                         18 V DC

789/2 Power supply

789/3 Power supply

1794/4 Video distributor

Video monitor wall bracket

R1 - +TC    

1755/40,70,80,81 Camera  18V DC after a call

0V - CA

1038/35 Decoder                   5V DC

                                              (10V DC after a call)

0V - CV    

1038/35 Decoder                   0V DC

                                               (3V DC after a call)

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