How do I add a 1039/501 IPerVoice Door Controller to IPerVoice?

Adding a new IP Module to IPerVoice

Login to the IPerVoice Server

Click on New Device

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If the IP module does not appear in the list already the DHCP may be blocked on the Server.

If this is the case then Click on add New Device and select device type as IP Module and enter the MAC Address

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Click on Confirm

A picture containing table

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If the IP address is shown as please check the connection to the IP Module.

Once a valid IP address is seen within the range of the Server IP setting the continue.

If the unit is a replacement for a faulty unit the click on Replace and follow the on screen instruction, if the unit is to be added to the system then click on Configure.

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Title the Door Controller and click confirm

This will now appear in the Left hand tree menu and now allow you to make changes.

If the Door Controller does not have the Cover installed in the unit will be in a Tamper mode and the Tamper Condition will apply, in this scenario the doors will all locked and no access will be granted

So the first change you will need to make is to open the Door Controller from the LHS tree menu and change the Tamper Condition

Untick this box here


Click Confirm

Then add the doors, click on Add a door

Complete the door parameters

Add the Door Name 

Door Time is the Relay Activation Time

Door Forced and Door Left Open will need to be selected if a Door sensor is wired into the Door Controller

Repeat this for the all the Doors to be added to the Door Controller


You will now need to add the doors to the appropriate Access Profile

Once all the Access Profiles have been amended then Update system and do a back-up.

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