How to add a user and a Bluetooth Credential to a site on IPassan Manager

To add a user and a Bluetooth Credential to the system, please follow these steps: 

1. Whilst logged into IPassan Manager, select 'Equipment & Settings'

2. Select 'BLE Access'

3. Here, you will see the quantity of credits available within this site

4. Select 'Users & Access Profiles'

5. Drill through your architecture to find where the user belongs (for example 'First Floor, Sales')

6. Select 'Add a User' - you will now be greeted by the following screen

7. Enter the First and Last name of the user. Make sure to also select the correct Door/Zone Access from the dropdown list

8. Add the phone number of the user 

9. Select 'Add a Credential'

10. Use the dropdown to select the virtual credential type - in this case it is 'Bluetooth'

11. Enter the users' mobile number, ensure that the correct country is pre-selected (UK) - enter the number with the country prefix (e.g. +44)

12. Enter the users' email address

13. Use the virtual credential drop down & select the credential that will be allocated, for example visitor/permanent access and short range/long range.

14. Click 'Save'

15. The user will now be emailed with a link to download the K App

16. Process complete - you have successfully added a Bluetooth Credential and User to the system!

NOTE: In order to successfully transfer keys and information to the residents' K App, the management computer needs to be connected to the internet when editing, creating or removing credentials.

To find out how the resident/visitor can use these Bluetooth Credentials, please click here.

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