What is the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) feature available through the K App?

In the 1.07 IPassan Manager release (fv1070 firmware for the controller), the system can now manage Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) credentials. 

Bluetooth Access can be managed on the new range of Urmet Readers. The new Urmet Readers can manage both Bluetooth access credentials and normal electronic tokens. 

For residents and visitors, they can use Bluetooth credentials by downloading the Urmet K App (available on iOS and Android). Bluetooth credentials are assigned to residents and visitors either by the Building Manager or the Installer directly from IPassan Manager. 

To do this, the Building Manager or Installer inputs the resident/visitors' phone number as a virtual credential in IPassan Manager, instead of a key number. Once assigned, the resident/visitor will receive their door and floor authorizations automatically on the K App. 

We have written a Solution article explaining all you need to know about Urmet Bluetooth Capability, you can check it out by clicking below -

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