How to fix having no speech on a 4+N monitor

If you are not receiving speech on your 4+N monitor, please see below.

  • If the fault is isolated to one monitor, check connections 1,2 and 6 of that monitor.
  • If the fault is common to all monitors measure the voltage between the – and + terminals on the speaker/mic unit in the entry panel. The voltage should be 6V DC. Check that the polarity is correct.
  • To test the operation of the speaker/mic unit proceed as follows – Remove the wires in terminals 1A and 2 of the speaker/mic (leaving the wires in – and + connected). Connect a monitor on a short cable directly to the speaker/mic as follows –

Monitor           Speaker/mic
6                     -
1                    1A
2                     2

When you lift the handset you should have speech between the test monitor and the entry panel. If you do the fault lies in the wiring of the system.

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