How to integrate RTSP Cameras on IP Max Monitors using the IPerVoice system

The IPerVoice System can integrate with various IP Cameras which can produce a RTSP Stream in a H264 format

The Camera needs to be within the same Network Subnet however out of the range of which the server in generating IP addresses for the IPerVoice equipment. 

For example :-

IPerVoice Server Address


IP Range to

Possible IP Camera Range

Please follow the steps below

Login in to the IPerVoice Server

Scroll on the Left Hand Tree Menu and open New Devices

Click on Add New Device

Select RTSP Camera

Enter MAC Address format xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

Click Confirm

Click on Configure

You will need to know the IP address of the Camera, user name, password and the stream

Title the Camera

The Stream URL will automatically fill in when the other fields are entered

Add IP address of Camera

Add the Port Number as standard this will be 554 however check with the Camera Provider

Add what the Stream details this will be different for all brands of Cameras, this example is for a Hikvision camera their stream is


User that has been set up on the camera and Password

The stream is now populated, this stream can be checked using VLC Media Player

For an Apartment to View on the IP Max Monitor you will need to add to the Self-Insertion Button on the Stair Menu, Cameras in the Right Hand Box can be viewed by all monitors in that stair.Click on Update System to send changes to the relevant monitors

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