How to add fobs to a Transit controller

Transit Programming

To add a key

1. Press the ↑ button until you find a memory position that is free.

The position is free if there is a number with no dots.
For example position 18 is not free

Position 18 is free

2. Place the key to be programmed, on the symbol to the right of the display

The middle dot will come on

3. Remove the key.

4. Press the ↓ button several times until all 3 dots are lit up as below:

5. Press ✓ The key is now programmed. Repeat for other keys.

Note: You should record the serial number of the key and also the apartment number (for example) that the key is issued to.

To delete a key

1. Press ↑ until you find the key to be deleted.

2. Press and hold ✓ button until the number flashes. The key has now been deleted.
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