How to use the 1707/1 IPerVoice Imago Monitor Message Service

The Imago monitor has six buttons on the front and for the purpose of this guide they are

designated as follows –

  • ‘Speak’ button
  • ‘Key’ button
  • Button with one dot Button 1
  • Button with two dots Button 2
  • Button with three dots Button 3
  • Button with four dots Button 4 

To turn on the answer service (ie turn the monitor off so it won’t ring) press Button 4.

The Key Button will be lit red – not flashing.

If a visitor calls you while the monitor is in this state they will get a message at the entry panel to tell them to leave a message.

When you want to turn the monitor back on (so that you can receive calls) press Button 4 again.

If someone has left a message the Key Button will flash (red).

To view messages –

Press the speak button

Press button 3 – you will now see the number of messages that have been left. Press button 3 again to begin viewing recorded messages. 

To delete a message press and hold button 3 for 3 seconds. (You cannot delete a message without first viewing it).

To come out of the message service, press the speak button. 


To conclude –

If the monitor has a steady red key then it is turned off and won’t ring.

If it has a flashing red key then there is one or more recorded messages.

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