How to create an IP apartment in IPerVoice

NOTE: If Apartment already exists please go to Step 5


Creation of an IP Apartment

Dependant on the site pre-configuration you may need to start from Block/Stair/Floor/Apartment creation. Please follow the configuration steps.

Step 1: Creation of a New Block 

Click Add a Block

Name the Block add a Block Code and a Prefix if required, Click Confirm

Step 2: Creation of a New Stair

Once the Block has been created then click on Add a Stair

Name the Stair and add stair code and click Confirm


Step 3: Creating a New Floor

Once the Stair has been created then you can create all the floors it that Block

Click on Add a Floor

The format we use is Ground=00, Level 1=01 Level XX=XX

Step 4: Creating an IP apartment

Click on the Floor then Click on Add IP Apartment

Enter Apartment Name

Complete Topological Code

Topological Code 1st and 2nd Octets can’t be changed as they input by the server these correspond to Block and Stair

The 3rd octet denotes the floor, the 4th octet is the relative apartment on floor in this case the 1st apartment

Complete the Numerical Code this is the dialling code from the Call Module.

If Prefix dialling is employed the first octet of numerical will be automatically inputted from the server and can’t be changed. 

Please Note the Topological and the Numeric codes must be unique.


Step 5: Allocating IP Monitor to Apartment

Check the Server configuration and checked the Server DCHP status.

Click on New Devices

If DHCP Blocked then you will need to add the IP Monitor manually using the MAC address.

Click Add New Device 

Select from the drop down the device you are installing.

Please note for 1717/33 use 1717/31 this is due the only difference is the monitor colour 

Enter the MAC address and click confirm

The device will now appear New Devices and be allocated an IP address from the server. 

If the DHCP is open then it will appear in New Devices automatically.

Click on Configure

Enter Apartment Name

Select the Block, Stair, Floor that the Apartment is located

Use the drop down by Apartment to select the Apartment

Ensure Door Phone Code is 00 for Master, 01 for the first of the Slave Monitors

Click Confirm

The page will now jump to the Apartment showing the all the details of the IP Monitor. Click on Polling the device should now shown ALIVE and be ready to be tested.

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