The connections and fault finding tips for a 1039/34 IPerVoice Decoder

The 1039/34 Riser Decoder is the connection point to integrate the Apartment monitors into the IPerVoice Riser, 4 apartments can be connected into each decoder and by the selection of the apartment monitor DIP switch it is assigned to the appropriate decoder output.

For connection into the riser there are 2xRJ45 connections these are labelled Bus In and Bus Out these need to be connected into the riser with the 1039/50 side of the riser to Bus In.

There is 4 x Floor Call connection these are for the connection for the apartment Bell Push these will trigger the apartment monitor to complete 1 ring cycle. These must be connected in association with the correct apartment for example DER1 output = FC1 Floor Call Input.

Connection A2 in/out these are for the connection of the second Audio Channel which will allow a second Audio only call within the riser.

Alarm input is not use in the UK.

LED should be off under normal working condition

The 1039/34 is programmed via a Bluetooth Dongle 1039/56.

Basic Fault Finding:-

Decoder dead in diagnostics    Check the 1039/20 for 54vDC output

                                                  Check the Cable Connection

LED on permanently = loss of communication with 1039/50 Check the status of 1039/50 and fault accordingly

LED Flashing = Problem with the RS485 Riser Data Channel disconnect the outgoing BUS Out and reset the decoder, break the riser down into sections and fault until the faultly connection has been identified.

Please be aware a short circuit/poor crimp connection on the main riser bus or to any apartment can impact on the whole riser.

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