How to connect and fault find a 1039/50 IPerVoice Gateway

POE device this needs to be connected to a full power POE network port, this needs to be connected to the LAN input port.

The BUS Out port needs to be connected to a 1039/20 Riser Power Supply Unit

Power On LED needs to be on this shows the 1039/50 has SIP registration to an IPerVoice Server.

Video test button - this is used to set the video level within the riser using the video adjustment on the 1039/20’s, this must be turned off for normal use.

This purpose of this device is to convert the SIP protocol on the LAN to a Riser Protocol for use in the analogue riser.

Basic Fault Finding:-

  • Is the Power Light on if not check the cable between the 1039/50 an the POE Port
  • No Video in Riser Check the video test button
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