How to identify and operate a 1039/1 IPerVoice Server


Identification :-

To date there have been three variations of the 1039/1 which are :-

The original black coloured servers which were installed between 2009 and 2012. The highest firmware version used with this server was 4.0.0-106.

The second series was a silver coloured server (supplier model number of NISE103). This model can use firmware versions from 4.0.0-106 to the latest version.

The third series also in silver in colour (supplier model number of NISE104) and will work with firmware versions 5.2.0-42 to the latest.



The server shown here is the NISE103. The difference to the NISE104 is that the video output is HDMI. There will be a label underside showing the model number.

The fourth and latest version is also silver however the supplier is Advantech Model       Number ARK-1123 this will only work from Firmware Versions 5.5.0-16 to the latest.

These are to be shipped from Oct 2021 please see picture below to help with identification.

Power Requirements :-

All variations of servers are 12V DC powered via a 230V AC mains power supply unit. It is mandatory that a suitable UPS is installed and may void the warranty if not.

Operation :-

The servers are all industrial grade and designed to run 24/7. They are fanless units and are designed to dissipate the heat via the cooling fins which must not be covered under any circumstance. 


Shutdown and Restart :-

Shutdown and restart must only be done with the use of the on/off button. A single short press will begin the shutdown procedure and this will turn the server off. A single short press will turn the server back on. It will take about 2-5 minutes to fully reboot depending on the system load.

If the server does not shutdown on a short press, a force shutdown can be achieved by a long press. Press and hold the power button until the light goes out and then restart the server.

NEVER unplug the server power supply without first shutting down as this can cause irrecoverable damage.

Connection to network :-

The black server only has one LAN connection which is connected into the IPerVoice network.

The generations 2 and 3 have two LAN Ports however LAN1 is the only port used.

Please refer to the attached manual for the LAN connection to the ARK Server

Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse are not required. All configuration is done via a web browser front end.

There is no maintenance requirement for this unit

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