How to upgrade the IPerVoice Firmware


IPerVoice Firmware Upgrade Information

Server Series 1 (Black) highest available Firmware 4.0.0-106

Server Series 2 (Silver NISE103) Firmware version 4.0.0-106 to Latest

Server Series 3 (Silver with HDMI Output NISE104) 5.2.0-42 to Latest 

It is not possible to jump firmware version for 4.0.0-106 to 5.2.0-42 you must use upgrade in two stages firstly to 4.1.0-87 then onto version 5.2.0-42

If the site has Readers 1039/88 or 1039/89 then these door will need to be released before upgrade is started. Sites with only the 1039/501 Door Controller - doors will not need to be released. All Call Module Doors will need to be released as the Door Entry function will not be available during upgrade.

Firstly ensure you have the following :-

  • Firmware version of the site
  • IP Address of the Server
  • Whether DHCP Blocked or Free
  • The latest back-up of the site
  • Access to all POE Network Switches 

Firmware upgrades have possibility of failure, however taking the following steps will help to reduce this possibility: 

  • If using a Laptop ensure you have a mains connection and that the laptop will not go into sleep mode.
  • The Server is connected to a UPS. Power failure during the upgrade will damage the server file system.
  • The Laptop is connected directly to the Server not via any network switches network disconnections during the upgrade will damage the file system.
  • Ensure the laptop has a Static IP and Subnet correctly configured.
  • Server reboot is recommended 


Login in to the Server using -

User – sysadmin

Password – to be provided by management company 

Check Server Configuration Tab 


Making a note of IP addresses and Subnet and set Static IP Address on the connected PC/Laptop


Check System Consistency and make a note of Server Firmware 


Click on Back-up and Restore 

Take System Back-up and keep safe on PC/Laptop 


Click on Upgrade System Firmware 

Click Next 


Click on Browse and find the upgrade file. It will always be a fup xxxxxxx.tar.gz file 


Once the file has been verified this pop up will be seen – 


Click Yes, continue 

From this point it will take about 20 minutes for the Server to upgrade and modify all system files. 

 There is no progress bar. Please be patient. Do not power off server or laptop or disconnect network cable. 

Click on Reboot System Now. The server will go into reboot. Disconnect the direct connection to the server and reconnect the server to network. Connect your PC/Laptop to the network. 


Once the server has rebooted login to the IPerVoice front end and click on the Check System Consistency tab 

 You can see what the Actual and Expected Firmware are for all your devices.

The server will automatically start upgrading the devices which will take approx 20 minutes. If any device has not upgraded in this time then a manual reboot will be required for that device.

This may occur if there are a large number of IP devices (100+) which need to be upgraded. 

Re-start the IPerVoice switchboard software with administrator rights. The switchboard program will now update. 


Take a Back-up of the system at the new firmware and if possible please send a copy to with site name, ip address, subnet and firmware version.

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