How to set up a 1039/81 secure side relay for IPerVoice

For Secure by Design application we need to more the lock release control from the non-secure side of the Entrance Door to the secure side. This is achieved with the use of a 1039/81 IP relay set

Connect the 1039/81 to the IPerVoice Network, the device should appear in New Devices, click on configure and name the output relays with the door name they need to be associated with. 

The Time is the for how long you need the door to be release for, if using as a trigger for third party access control system then set for 1 second

Create a link between the door and the secure side relay

Select the Call Module then the Door on the Call Module and under Special Functions, select Drive on Door 

Opening and select the Relay you wish to activate.

Click on Confirm and then Update System.

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