Step 7 - How to automatically create users on the IPassan system

Please see below the breakdown for how to automatically create users on the IPassan system.

The configuration of the IPassan system has been broken down into 8 steps, see the remainder of these below:

How to create a site for IPassan - Step 1

How to customise the features/look of the IPassan system - Step 2

How to configure the IPassan network - Step 3

How to add controllers/expansion cards to the IPassan system - Step 4

How to add doors onto the IPassan system - Step 5

How to create access profiles on the IPassan system - Step 6 

How to encode the key fobs for the IPassan system - Step 8

The full breakdown is also available in our configuration guide, you can download this here.

To view more information about our IPassan system, please click here.

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