I have a credit account - what does this mean?

To have an Urmet credit account you must first have submitted an application to our accounts team. 

What is an Urmet credit account?

An Urmet credit account allows you to order our products on credit, for a period of 30 days before payment is required.

How is the credit limit set?

The credit limit we set is decided solely at our discretion.

NOTE: Your credit limit includes VAT

Therefore having a credit limit of £500 means that ordering £500 worth of equipment would equal £600 with VAT on top, meaning the order may not be allowed.

However, if you do have an order which goes slightly above your credit limit, we may allow the order to go through but this decision is solely at our discretion. 

Am I eligible for a discount if I have a credit account?

No, simply having an Urmet credit account does not qualify you for a discount.

Discounts are set based upon the average value of your orders, and the type of order being purchased (i.e. systems order, spare parts order).

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