How to use the 'Request a Quote' service to place an order

You can order with us using our 'Request a Quote' service. This is found at the top right of any page on our site. 

NOTE:  You do not need to use the request a quote feature to place an order with us, you can contact our customer service team directly at

Once you have identified the product/s that you require using our product search, begin your purchase by clicking on the 'Request a Quote' button found at the top right of any page on our site. 

This will now take you to our Request a Quote form, enter your email address to get started. 

If you have previously set up an account using the email that you provided, the details will appear here. If not, then continue to add your details and set up an account, see form below.

Once your account has been set up/selected, you must now choose what type of quote you require. If you require our products as opposed to replacement parts, click 'System'.

Now fill in the details regarding the system/products you require. If you do not require Door Entry systems/products, press the 'skip' button to go to Access Control. 

To complete your quote, tell us more information about your requirements, and upload any supporting documents so we can accurately quote your order.

Your quote/order is now complete!

A member of our customer service team will send your quotation back to you. 

To confirm your purchase you must send an official company order, or email confirmation of your order to our customer service team, using your quote number as a reference.

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