How to check if my item is in stock

If you are purchasing a replacement part, you can check if your item is in stock by visiting our website. 

If you are purchasing from our product line, you have to send an email to and they will advise you. 

Purchasing a Replacement Part

To check if your replacement part is in stock, first search for the part you require on our website.

If the part you require is in stock, you will be able to add the product to your cart. 

If your product is not in stock, you will see the text 'Available in backorder'. You can still add these products to your cart and purchase them, however there will be a lead time for these products. Our customer service team will inform you should this be the case. 

Purchasing our Product Line

To purchase a product off of our product line, first locate the product that you require.

Now, you need to send an email to, in your email you should include: 

  • All part numbers that you require
  • The quantities that you require
  • Delivery date 

NOTE: If the product you have requested is not in stock, there will be an attached lead time for your order of up to 6 weeks.

Our customer service team will get back to you with a cost for your items, and from here you can now begin to place you order. 

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