What is an Urmet Pro Installer?

An Urmet Pro Installer is a certification achieved by Urmet Installers who have completed additional Urmet training courses. 

To become an Urmet Installer, you only need to have received your practical training. 

How do I become a Pro Installer?

There are 2 requirements to becoming an Urmet Pro Installer, these are: 

  1. Complete additional Urmet training courses, in one or more systems.
  2. Be an active installer of Urmet systems.

NOTE: An active installer of Urmet systems means you are installing Urmet systems at least once per month. 

What are the benefits to being an Urmet Pro Installer?

Certified Urmet Pro Installers enjoy a number of additional benefits, these being: 

NOTE: For more information regarding how to use the Urmet Pro Installer Logos in your PR and marketing activities, please click here.

We are continuously adding new benefits for our Pro Installers, with some new benefits coming within the next year!

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