How to find a product

To find the product you are looking for on the Urmet website, you can use our product search located in the top left of any page on our site.

Alternatively, you can view all of our Door Entry/Access Control/ Smart Home products at once, and then filter these results.

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One way you can search for the products you require is by using the product search feature on our website.

Use the search bar in the top left of any page on our site, and enter either the product number or product name. 

Once you have entered a product number or product name, results will display in the drop down menu. Select the product that you want to view, if your product does not display press 'Enter' to view all results. 

The page will load with the product that you selected, for replacement/spare parts there will be a price included, and the option to add this to your cart. 

For general products, there is no price and the 'Add to Cart' option will not be there, instead this is replaced with the 'Request a Quote' button. 

NOTE: As the price is only displayed for replacement/spare parts at this current time, these are the only products that you can purchase without using the 'Request a Quote' button.

Browse all Products

The other way to search for products & systems is to use the hover menu on the main navigation. Simply hover over the 'Products & Systems' tab, and all of our products and systems will appear in a drop down.

You are able to view all products related to each category, or specify a specific product type.

These products can be sorted based on Name and Price. 

For more advanced searching, you can use the filter on the right hand side. This allows you to filter based on System, Product Type & Accessories.

These products have been filtered based on Elekta panels which can run on the 2Voice system - these are the products that fit the criteria.

You can now browse all Door Entry panels that meet the criteria you set, select one to find out more about it's features, and to download any documents associated to that product.

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